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Sustainable - Environmental - Flexible - Onshore RAS solutions

We build and operate based on a local and environmentally conscious approach while implementing the use of top technology

Why choose an ALPHA RAS?

RAS refers to Recirculating Aquaculture System and describes a series of techniques for fish farming in which we can manage:

  • ...Fish welfare
  • ...Pollution free farming
  • ...Sustainability
  • ...Biosecurity 
  • ...Flexibility 

Why is standard better?

ALPHA systems are based on a standard concept linked to the most up-to-date knowledge in the aquaculture sector.

With standardization of main components, we achieve replication, and with it a base line and an expansive and exponential pool for knowledge development, specialization of systems, and optimization.

Why modular?

By working with modules at ALPHA, we are taking the extra steps needed to avoid down-time of operation, increase safety by redundancy, allow isolation of production within the same system, and create a system that is prepared for expansion, updates and upgrades as we develop them. It's time to think ahead and walk the future now.

We do better

ALPHA has a wide range of products for you

We are sustainable

The ALPHA concept has been developed and designed
with a strong emphasis on...

...sustainability, fish welfare, a minimum of environmental impact and construction principles.
We do this by using recyclable food grade PP (polypropylene) for the main water cleaning units as well as the tanks and production systems.
Furthermore, by adding full circle production systems transforming sludge into biodegradable fertilizer,
we reuse up to 90 percent of the sludge wastewater in the system.

We care

ALPHA offers a wide range of different services, such as
management support, maintenance solutions and consulting


"We rethink the usual and push the limits for a better aquaculture..."

Ramón Pérez
COO, Alpha Aqua





We are global

We help you farm any species of fish anywhere in the world