Algae solutions

“This is the most user-friendly algae production system I have worked on. No tools needed, push-in connections, easy to clean and operate. And the mounting was quick and efficient. I will continue working with ALPHA in the future.”

Dr. Per Meyer Jepsen

Associated professor at Roskilde University, Denmark


ALPHA algae production:

Thinking in algae production and the different potential usages for it, in ALPHA we have created a series of equipment to assist all algae culturists in their production targets and specific goals. 

Every single system is prepared in our warehouse headquarters and all elements ready for plug and play experience onsite, allowing the shortest time when mounting. 




ALPHA products:

ALPHA algae hanger Ø160 mm (30 L)

With stainless steel hook fitting on 1" pipe (33 mm) 4x1/4" G Standard. 
Pipe thread inside and outside. 

ALPHA algae bags (min. order of 10 pcs.)

ALPHA algae hanger Ø250 mm (60 L)

With stainless steel hook fitting on 1" pipe (33 mm) 4x1/2" G Standard. 
Pipe thread inside and outside. 

ALPHA algae bags (min. order of 10 pcs.)

ALPHA algae bag support system

With the side frames made in strong galvanized steel mounted in floor and wall and with the main hanger pipe made in stainless steel, it provides the optimal suspension for the ALPHA bag hangers, allowing gravity to maintain the algae bag centered and in optimal position. The strong structure allows an opening between side frames of up to 1200 mm. 

ALPHA algae bags and ALPHA algae hangers

ALPHA pump station

Robust, light weight and portable pump for moving microalgae or water made in high quality resistant materials. Mounted on a stainless-steel hanger and cover. Plug and play. 

  • 13 L/m 3 Bar
  • 230V 120W
  • 15 mm push-in house connection
  • Rapid self-priming to 1.5 M, can run dry without damage
  • Seal-less design

ALPHA water microfiltration system

The right water quality 100% of the times. 
Provided with a 600L storing tank, the ALPHA Microfiltration system allows mechanical microfiltration down to 0.02microns plus disinfection through certified UV-filter. Its added tank provides the needed resting time to equalize water temperature to the local environment.

Prepared for both, fresh and saltwater, and easy to move, connect, handle and with low maintenance.

ALPHA piping system

Prepared as a tailor-made solution to fulfill the production needs and based on the number of ALPHA hangers in the system.
The Piping system allows easy connections of feeding hoses (saltwater, freshwater, air, CO2) for the ALPHA algae bags without the need of any tools, all on push-in fittings.

ALPHA algae bags and ALPHA hangers

ALPHA algae bioreactors

With a standard capacity of 600 L, this high concentration bioreactors allow a production in continuous and semi-continuous regime of harvest. Designed and built to prevent contamination of the culture, it allows the algaeculturist to maintain the production at exponential stage thanks to its design and the use of LED lights.
Thought from a user-friendly experience, it is semi-automatic washable, low in maintenance needs and great to work thanks to its automated control system.


ALPHA life pump

Capable of gentle transport of fish larvae, copepods, rotifers, artemia and algae and built in resistant materials.

Suitable for all type of waters and easy to connect and control.

Maintenance & spare parts

ALPHA can provide the needed spare parts for any part and component of the above solutions as well as consumables and maintenance if required.

Don’t hesitate on asking us for recommended spares and any other assistance you may need.