Alpha Line™

With a unique and compact design, the Alpha Line™ (hereafter AL) water treatment system provides the best water quality: low TSS, high nitrification and excellent gas balance for the fish. Built in environmentally friendly materials and food grade quality PP, allows an extremely quick plug & play setup based on any flat industrial concrete floor and is resistant to aggressive environments like high salinity and temperatures. 

All AL are equipped with: 

  • Drum filter, 40-micron screens as standard (Hydrotech), with backwash pump
  • Grundfoss lift pumps, biofilter pump and oxygen pump
  • Speroni sludge pump
  • UV filter with click-in UV lamps, VGE
  • Gas balancing filter with active ventilation
  • Biofilter cluster with microparticle filter (4-10 mechanical filtration equivalent)
  • Motor Control Cabinet (MCC) from Siemens including Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Sensor package