FishBase Group (Donna, Norway)

“In the expansion of our facility at Bjørn with Salmon and Cod Alpha Aqua was selected as the equipment provider. We have been very satisfied with the project so far, and have already agreed to go with Alpha Aqua in the further expansion of out facility. Their technology and project execution exceeded our expectations significantly”

Henry M. Thomassen - CEO & Partner, FishBase Group AS

Project summary: Full RAS Hatchery and First feed systems for Salmon Smolts with 10M juvenile production. The hatchery includes a double NanoRAS system and six comphatches and is ready for expansion. The first feed system is based in a double NeroRAS solution and includes temperature control, pH control, automatic Biofilter backwash and feeding.
Both systems are controlled by Alpha Orbit and the SCADA is reporting to a centralized control room.