We are pleased to announce that METRO Türkiye has partnered with Alpha Aqua as RAS supplier for its new pioneering initiative in sustainable aquaculture.

Metro Türkiye has launched another pioneering initiative in the retail sector in line with its vision of sustainable fishing. An aquaponics system has been established through investment in a facility in Muğla. This system, the first of its kind in Türkiye's retail sector, combines aquaculture with plant cultivation.

Metro Türkiye has started cultivating sea bass and salicornia within the same system using the aquaponics method. The system offers greater control over factors such as water quality, temperature, and disease management. For this project, Metro Türkiye has partnered with HATKO Aquaculture, Alpha Aqua A/S, and Alpha Aqua's Turkish partner Nordic.

Please download the attached PDF file to read the entire METRO Türkiye press release.