Flat surfaces...

...perfect for an ALPHA RAS solution!

ALPHA Core Units and Biofilters

Designed to provide the best water quality: low TSS, high nitrification and excellent gas balance for the fish.
ALPHA systems are prepared to maintain an environment with high production stability and water quality with a design that allows risk-free maintenance routines, shut down, or even breakdown of part of the production unit. The ALPHA base unit runs with an overcapacity in the water cleaning process, allowing the operator to fully shut down one of the four cleaning trains to perform needed operations.

We use a construction design that allows us to build the full production unit at our factory site and ship it as one delivery. It is installed on a standard flat concrete slab, which offers a variety of advantages for the customer. 

  1. Pre-test by FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

  2. Shorter installation time - production and building can be constructed in parallel, reducing the time to market, improving project ROI.

  3. High flexibility in regard to expansion or change of production mix (species) or harvesting frequency by changing the existing tank set up. This is possible due to the floor mounted tank system - no pipes or concrete foundations in the system. 

  4. Thanks to the flexibility of the ALPHA base cleaning system almost all harvesting scenarios and species are possible by changing tank setup; round or flatbed.