The NanoRAS™ is Alpha Aqua A/S’s most compact RAS solution, allowing the operation in “solo” or in clustered systems. All parts of the NanoRAS™ have easy access and can be bypassed for testing purposes. Auxiliary equipment (skimmer, ozone, UV…) can be added upon demand.

All NanoRAS units are equipped with:

  • Drumfilter, 40 microns with backwash pump
  • Moving bed biofilter in 3 chambers with one acting as microparticle filter if desired
  • Gas balancing filter
  • UV filter
  • Lift pump
  • Extractor for CO2
  • Sensor package for regular operation
  • Teflon coated heating element
  • Cooling coil for refrigerant

All NanoRAS units are plug and play and can be moved with a pallet lifter - once drained for water and disconnected from the piping infrastructure.

To safe maneuvering space, and big door openings a side roller pallet lifter is recommended hence a nano can be moved through a door opening of 1800 mm.