Neptun Salmo A/S

"Neptun Salmo decided to go with Alpha Aqua after we saw the effectiveness of their RAS systems in terms of energy and water reuse. On top the work much more professional in executing the projects as we have seen from any other supplier."

Anders Bjørkli - Daglig leder/CEO for Neptun Salmo AS

Project summary: Full RAS Hatchery, First feed and Pre-Grow Out systems for Salmon Smolts with 8M juvenile production. The hatchery includes a double NanoRAS™ system and four comphatches and is ready for expansion. The first feed system is based in a NeroRAS™ solution and includes temperature control, pH control, automatic Biofilter backwash and feeding. The Pre-Grow Out will be under the control of a twin set of Alpha Lines with full automation and water quality monitoring. Water will be provided to all systems by a new State-of-the-Art water intake system including several stages of disinfection.

All systems are controlled by Alpha Orbit and the SCADA is reporting to a centralized control room.