Why turnkey?

Faster construction, no fixed concrete structures, better ROI

Most RAS aquaculture systems are pieced together from several sub supplier systems. They are added into existing or purpose-built buildings for operation, which entails the risk of operational and construction grey zones that can affect performance, operational safety and biosecurity of the systems.
By going with one complete design, these disadvantages can be mitigated from the beginning, allowing more efficient offers, safer production units and a lower total cost.

As an intrinsic part of our systems, we include by design the water inlet treatment as well as the sludge treatment facilities. We aim to ensure the best quality of the water and a reduced and better use of the sludge, turning a byproduct into a secondary product.
Working with partners in the design of the building, keeping in mind the final operators and the fish welfare in the product design and delivering, all the needed subsystems to a full-scale turnkey production unit.